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Our Mission:

                                                “Outreach education in useful science, wellness,  and trade

                                                                 skills for people who can’t afford it”


We provide outreach education in science, physics, and other STEM functional disciplines by developing and disseminating affordable (and where applicable free) educational material  

A technological utopia without the stress that burdens us:  Here's how to do it!

Imagine knowing how to build a house. Play sports better.  Reduce injury and sickness.  Execute new business strategies.  Be confident of how things really work!  These are all benefits that science, rationalism, scientific method, and technology can bring to a person's life.  Physics, and other science foundations are the cornerstone for enabling such ability. 

Our mission therefore is to anyone up to speed who was intimidated or overwhelmed taking physics and other sciences in learning STEM related topics.    In a world that keeps increasing its technological complexity, more of us start feeling overwhelmed trying to keep up with every new shift that comes along.   If you or someone you know feels like they are are at the mercy of whatever new technological trends control us next,  realize you don't have to feel overwhelmed.  Let the free resources and professional knowledge we provide on science and let our games and activities absorb into your weekly routine, and the weight will start to lift off your shoulders.

Technology and science can be a beautiful thing -- we only need to encourage a growing number of people to get a good understanding of it so we can all be better stewards of this universe.  

It's never too late to restart your education -- not when you have an easier way to learn difficult subject matter like science!


Our specialty is coming up with new services that can facilitate learning the difficult subject matter that is the sciences.   We do this by providing functional education in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math)  as well as trade skills that is blended in health and wellness and an understanding the benefit of human virtues, through innovative outreach classes and material that blending in with art, reinforces enjoyment and replay-ability with our products and services we offer.    As our community expands, we want to also provide newer topics that can stem from this root goal which will provide functional education for everyone.

And if you feel it's too late to learn the sciences or wish you had new career opportunities, we are striving to create a community that equips you with the skills you need to get a good mastery of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math).  Through educational outreach, online education, online video tutorials, online test features, and products through gamification and other alternative methods of learning that we offer,  We want people from all walks of life to have the same opportunities in understanding technology.   The more someone understands sciences, the more they understand physical reality and technology. If anyone reaches that kind of freedom,  life is not just tossing them around.  New potentials of opportunity arise, and a person can have a freedom that few people in Han history had the luxury of doing.



1) Gaining the foundations of a legitimate science education
2) Program outreach that help people unlock even more of their human potential, economic skills, and futures through gaming and innovation that educates individuals in STEM subjects and other functional academic disciplines to make the world a better place as we become good stewards of this universe.
3) Help people overcome the illusion that just because they had not attended a technical school and learned a particular subject it’s not too late to develop new opportunity.  Our outreach programs and services are not just for kids and young students.  We want people to realize that at any age, anyone can expand their horizon.
4) Helping people recognize that they have more potential than they think they have in learning and utilizing math, physics, and STEAM for developing new career opportunities and school preparation.
5) (Where applicable) free education, curriculum, tools and lesson plans (online and distributed) to increase conceptual and problem solving development in physics, math, and other engineering sciences.

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