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TeamEarthEdu.org Education Institute provides courses and field work in education of physics and related physical science to students as young as 7 years old to college, home school audiences, any intrepid learners, and any members of population of low socioeconomic status who could not otherwise afford exposure to the foundations of such science and engineering education.   


By incorporating gamification with education, we at TeamEarthedu.org (in partnering with local teachers, educators and manufactures willing to donate their products or hire them for outreach and production for curriculum material) want to continue designing free games, curriculum and classes (live or online) that target populations can benefit learning physics and related science and engineering education for personal growth, education, and job opportunity.  


We also want to offer, as we continue to fund, free outreach classes that will incorporate gaming and education in their programs to be held in schedule at any regions we can do our field work, and work for gaining accreditation as opportunity grows. 


This is all in the pursuit to start incorporating a new innovative way of blending physics, related science, education, and other functional disciplines and blending traditional education with the innovative methods of gaming and recreation.

 Therefore, we also want to offer free online tutorials and video lecture notes fields of S.T.E.A.M., and we strive to create a community of contributors that help educating people how to improve their problem solving skills through rationalism and the scientific method, while still celebrating the artistic side to life, and embracing the values of practicing compassion and striving for harmony in everything.

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